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To read the play online, click on one of the links below:

Alternately, you can go to Project Gutenberg and download one of three versions of the play, each one available as either a TXT or ZIP file.



  • Macbeth: An In Depth Analysis is part of the Thinkquest website. It's a hypertext version of the play, with frames; you can read the play on the left side of the screen, and while you're reading, click on highlighted words, which will appear in the glossary frame on the right. Also offers scene summaries. There's a pop-up window when you first go to the site, with a link to a URL that my browser can't find.
  • Lynch Multimedia's Macbeth. Offer's two versions of the play: a prose adaptation (in modern English), and the original text, viewable alongside the adaptation. A good site if you're really having trouble with the play. (Although I'd recommend watching the play before trying to read it, and before using the Lynch site.)
  • Pioneer Training also has a hypertext version of Macbeth, complete with a glossary and some speech summaries for the first three scenes. (It also promises to have the rest finished "soon", but hasn't been updated in two years. Like I should talk.)
  • THAT PLAY. Did you know that this play is cursed? This link leads to a rather interesting article about the tortured history of its performance. For more about this, see the next site.
  • Birnum Wood on the Net. Created and maintained by Widya I. Zulkassim, this is, quite simply, the best collection of Macbeth links that I've been able to find. In addition to the standard links to online texts and other resources, she includes information about new classroom techniques for teaching the plays, links to upcoming live performances, and several links dealing with the "curse" of the play. Highly recommended.
  • Enjoying "Macbeth" by William Shakespeare. This is Ed Friedlander's great Macbeth page. From the author's disclaimer: "Warning: Macbeth is nasty. This page is nasty. I have a high regard for truth and I talk plain." Nuff said.
  • Ravi P. Shah's Macbeth Site has scene-by-scene summaries of the play, plus information on the life of Shakespeare, major themes in the play, and a quiz over the play.
  • Myk and Andrew's Macbeth Homepage also contains scene summaries and character analyses, as well as some informational content on the Curse and historical references. This site also serves as an example of how not to use backgrounds to make your web page more readable; some of it will, frankly, give you a headache from trying to read it.

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