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There are a lot of good resources for reading, researching and writing about Shakespeare on the World Wide Web. Some of these have been listed elsewhere on this site, but I thought it would be convenient to group them all together on one page.

Research Links

The MIT server hosting The Complete Works of William Shakespeare. Comprehensive and fast (at least on my computer).

A little slower than the MIT server, probably because it's hosted in Australia. But the powerful, efficient search engine makes it worth the wait.

A great site with a lot of valuable resources for both students and teachers. Plus it looks a lot better than my plain ol' vanilla black-and-white text.

Another great site offering a lot of original content for research, and a ton of links! If you're doing research into the life and times of Shakespeare, this should probably be your first stop.

Put together by Dr. J.M. Massi, an English professor at Washington State University, this is a great site with a lot of resources, including study questions for twenty-five of the thirty-seven plays.

This is a really good site if you're interested in learning some of the history of Shakespeare's life & times. Plus, it's got a really easy-to-remember URL, and if you're browser is JavaScript-enabled, it's really easy to navigate.

Shakespeare Courses

These sites are usually put up by instructors for their Shakespare classes. Most of them contain many useful resources, from syllabuses (syllabi?) to class notes to study guides.

  • Shakespeare by Individual Studies is at the University of Victoria in Canada. Many, many, many great resources.
  • Catherine Eskin's Shakespeare Course (no longer offered) is another great site, with a lot of great links. You think studying Shakespeare is tough? Try reading it if your first language is Norwegian; the course was offered at the University of Trondheim.
  • Shakespeare on Line is at Emporia State University in Emporia, Kansas, and is run by Professor Russ Meyer. (I'm going to leap to a conclusion here, and guess that this is not the same Russ Meyer responsible for such camp classics as "Faster Pussycatt! Kill! Kill!" and "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.") Offers the Text, an Outline, Study Questions and a Lecture for eight of Shakespeare's plays.
  • Monarch Notes. Doesn't really fall into the "online course" category, but it's complete enough that it could. Contains summaries of all the plays, plus character analyses, essay questions (and answers), and bibliographies allowing for further reading.

Generic Search Engines

These are the best search engines I've found, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Alta Vista is probably the most comprehensive, while FAST Search claims to be the biggest, and is definitely the fastest.

Student Sites

When in doubt, ask someone else who's struggled with the same material. Although usually, that's not the case. Most of these students actually liked Shakespeare; why else would they go to all the trouble of creating a website?

  • Shakespeare is a God by ShakespeareGirl. Nice-looking site with plenty of neat graphics ... just get rid of that Tripod pop-up when you first get there. Includes a lot of links, and some of her lecture notes from class.
  • Chill with Will. A Thinkquest '98 contest entrant. This site is truly an international effort, created and maintained by students from the U.S., the Netherlands, and Mexico. It looks really nice, and has RealAudio files (in both English and Spanish) of quotations from the plays. Really an excellent site.
  • Shakespeare Play Summaries/Synopses. Matthew Monroe, a student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, has summarized all of the plays. Some of the summaries are just a paragraph, others take up an entire page.

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