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I wasn't really aware of many Shakespearean references in the original Star Trek, but in Star Trek: The Next Generation, the captain was a Big Shakespearean Actor, and besides which, it first aired at the time I was first reading Shakespeare in high school. Anyway, now that I've read more Shakespeare, I realize that both the first and second series are replete with references to the Bard's work. Eventually, I'd like to catalogue them all, but I'm quite far away from that for now. (There's that pesky school thing, and that pesky work thing.)

For now, here's a link to Surfing with the Bard's take on the matter, a usenet posting to rec.arts.startrek.misc by a Mr. David Learn. Click here to go directly to the Star Trek page.

There are some other interesting Shakespeare-and-Star-Trek related sites out there, too.

  • The Klingon Language Institute. (I am not making this up, I swear!) Here you can read the latest news on their "Klingon Shakespeare Restoration Project" (which "has as its goal the restoration of the complete works of Shakespeare to the 'original Klingon.'"). Already fluent in Klingon? Maybe you'd like to read their versions of Hamlet, Much Ado About Nothing (Klingons in Love?), or selected Sonnets.
  • Othello, produced at the Shakespeare Theatre in Washington, D.C., starring none other than our beloved Captain Picard as the Moor himself. Wait a second, you're saying, this isn't going to be another one of those ridiculous things where they've got some white actor in blackface makeup, is it? No, actually. They did something rather interesting here: he's the only white member of the cast. In the interview, Patrick Stewart calls it a "photo negative" production.
  • Another Patrick Stewart interview is available at the NPR website. You need the RealAudio® plug-in to hear it, but if you don't have it, you can download it from the link for free. The interview is from January 11, 1998, so he talks a lot about his role in Othello. Be warned, though: the interview is about nineteen and a half minutes long. Of course, long interviews is why we listen to NPR in the first place, isn't it?
  • Speaking of long interviews, a search of the NPR archives turns up a gem: Patrick Stewart's December 16, 1997 appearance on Talk of the Nation. This file is even bigger: almost fifty minutes long!
  • The Captain James T. Kirk Singalong Site. What happens when good captains sing badly? Here, you can find out. You can also hear clips from William Shatner's interpretations of Henry V, Romeo and Juliet, and Hamlet. The site also has pages devoted to other Star Trek cast members and their audio (mis)adventures. As before, you'll need the RealAudio plug-in to make the most effective use of this site.

If you'd like to help build this page (i.e., if you know of references to Shakespeare in Star Trek), please email me! Please put "BardTrek" in the subject line.

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