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Who Wrote Shakespeare's Plays?

To be honest, I'm not real concerned with the authorship question. I haven't finished all the plays yet, and I plan to do that before I devote significant time to determining whether Shakespeare's plays were written by Shakespeare, or by someone else. But some of the evidence I've come across makes me wonder. Anyway, I can say that reading this information in no way affects my reading of the material. I don't care if the plays were written by a noblemen using Will as a front, or by one of Shakespeare's contemporaries, or if they were beamed telepathically into Shakespeare's head by an alien intelligence.

But apparently, the authorship question is a big deal to some people. Here are some links to websites where these various groups make their arguments that ______ (fill in the blank) wrote Shakespeare's plays.

You might want to try the newsgroup humanities.lit.authors.shakespeare to see how passionate some of these people can get in their ... discussions. If you'd like to read newsgroup postings directly from the Web, I recommend Deja or RemarQ.

  • The Shakespeare Oxford Society has a very nicely done web page, with some very convincing materials. The one that most impressed me was the Mark Twain essay , "Is Shakespeare Dead?".
  • On the opposite end of that arguement is The Shakespeare Authorship Page, "dedicated to the prospect that Shakespeare wrote Shakespeare." Much of this page is actually dedicated to directly refuting the claims of "Oxfordians", but it also has a lot of authorship links.

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