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These are the movies taken directly from the plays, using the original dialogue.


These are movies that are based on the plot of a Shakespearean play, but don't use the same dialogue, or sometimes, even the same characters. Example: "West Side Story", which is based on "Romeo and Juliet", but doesn't use the same language or characters, and is updated to the 1950s.


These are movies that are derived from Shakespearean plots, but don't follow those plots exactly; they are usually updated or alternate versions of those plots. Example: "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead", based on Hamlet's two 'buddies' in "Hamlet", but follows the play from their perspective.


These are movies that parody a Shakespearean play, or at least contain a parody as part of the movie. Example: "Last Action Hero", in which a short sequence features Arnold Schwarzenneger as Hamlet. <shudder>

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