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Here are some websites that don't have anything to do with Shakespeare, but which I think are pretty cool anyway.

NPR Online

If you've seen my Bard Trek page, you know that I frequent this page a lot, basically because I'm an NPR junkie. Every day I listen to Morning Edition, All Things Considered, and, if I'm not at work, Talk of the Nation. This doesn't even take into account their other great shows, like Fresh Air, National Press Club specials, and their weekend shows. It's got a great search engine that allows you to look for stories by subject, and odds are good that you'll be able to find something that you can listen to right online, using a RealAudio Player plug-in.

This American Life

This is a weekly radio series on public radio, produced at WBEZ in Chicago. It is, in my opinion, simply the best program on; on radio, on television, on the internet, you name it, it is simply the best. Their website is pretty good, and you can listen to most of their programs online.

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