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Welcome to Shakespeare Online! I've designed this website for the beginning to intermediate Shakespeare reader. This site is not intended for scholars. You can click on a link below to see my views on the plays of Shakespeare that I have read, plus Shakespeare-based movies, and Shakespeare references in Star Trek. There are links that allow you to read or download Shakespeare's works, read about movies based on his works, as well as links that can be helpful when doing research. Enjoy!


If you've tried to e-mail me at one of the "" addresses, I didn't get it. Something is wrong with the way that those messages are forwarded, and I don't know if it has something to do with Freeservers' recent move, or if I gave them the wrong address in the first place, or what the problem is. I apologize to anyone who's tried to contact me via those addresses, and I'm really sorry it took me two months to figure out something was wrong. I've changed all the mail links on these pages, and from now on, if you'd like to contact me, e-mail me directly at

The Play's The Thing

Here, you can find links that allow you to read all of Shakespeare's works, right online! You can even download his plays as text files, so you can read them later, or print them out at your leisure. You'll also find my humble thoughts on each of his plays that I've read.

The Hollywood Bard

Because his work is in the public domain, Shakespeare has always been a popular basis for movies. Here, you'll find out what's available, what's not, and what you shouldn't even bother with. You can also buy most of the titles via my link to (hint, hint).

To Bardly Go...

There are a lot of Shakespeare references in Star Trek. With your help, maybe we can track them all down.

The Bard Online

Looking for help with a term paper? You won't get it here, but maybe you can help yourself. These links will help you find research tools and resources.

Shakespeare LIVE!!!

Shakespeare as Shakespeare intended. Want to see one of his plays in person? Check here to see if any is being performed near you.

Who Wrote Shakespeare's Plays?

You might think that the question answers itself. Then again, maybe not.

Non-Bard Links

Here are links that have little or nothing to do with Shakespeare, but I think they're cool anyway.

Wherefore Art This Website?

News and info about this website.

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