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Much Ado About Nothing

The Play

To read the play, click on one of the links below:

Alternately, you can go to Project Gutenberg and download one of four versions of the play, each one available as either a TXT or ZIP file.



  • IMS:William Shakespeare, HarperAudio. This page features audio clips from "Julius Caesar", "Much Ado About Nothing", and the Sonnets as read by Sir John Gielgud. The clips from "Much Ado About Nothing" feature Rex Harrison and Rachel Roberts in a 1963 production. You'll need the appropriate browser plug-in software to listen to the clips: I recommend QuickTime from Apple, as the sound quality is much better; alternately, if speed is a problem, try using RealAudio, which uses much more compressed files, but at great expense: the sound quality is awful.
  • A Teacher's Guide ... This is, as you would guess, a teacher's guide to Much Ado About Nothing: it includes a scene-by-scene summary of the play, and suggested activities for before, while, and after reading the play.
  • Much Ado About Nothing Picture Page. This page, by Tom Powers, appears on what is apparently a pretty old site. (He warns that his home page might take a while to load on Mosaic; does that even exist anymore?) Anyway, it's got plenty of pictures from the Kenneth Branagh movie version, captioned with quotes from the movie.

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