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To read the play online, click on one of the links below:

Alternately, you can go to Project Gutenberg and download one of three versions of the play, each one available as either a TXT or ZIP file.



  • The Society for the Study of Hamlet. Well, it's sure got the easiest-to-remember URL. It's an excellent site with the complete text (the Moby version, I think), essays on the play, and links to other Hamlet-related web resources.
  • A Short Course on Shakespeare's Hamlet. Includes the complete text, plus Questions and Sample Answers, and a whole host of Other Documents for researching the history and source of Hamlet. A great site, even with the annoying pop-up ads.
  • Lynch Multimedia's Hamlet. Offer's two versions of the play: a prose adaptation (in modern English), and the original text, viewable alongside the adaptation. A good site if you're really having trouble with the play. (Although I'd recommend watching the play before trying to read it, and before using this site.)
  • Hamlet Online. Another great site, with options for high- and low-bandwidth users. Lots of great links to online versions of Hamlet, essays, and discussion groups. On top of all that, the site is really well-designed.
  • The Lost Quatro of Hamlet. I couldn't let this one slip by. One of the funniest parodies of Hamlet I've read: the events of the play are explained as being part of a plot by Fortinbras, but is foiled in the end by Fred, Velma, Daphne, Shaggy and Scooby. Jeinkes!
  • Hamlet from TNT Learning. Recently the cable network hosted the non-premium cable premier of the Branagh "Hamlet", and this site has several great resources, including a film summary, character summaries, a note to educators, and links to other sites.
  • Hamlet Home Base. The Falcon Education Link's scene-by-scene summary of the play. Some of it is funny stuff, but it also includes a serious discussion of the play.
  • The Hamlet Page. This is Ned Canty's page of actors who have played Hamlet. Don't look for Branagh or Gibson here (since you can find them plenty of other places), but he does have pictures of Sarah Bernhardt playing Hamlet!
  • Val Kilmer as Hamlet. Here's another page devoted to actors who played Hamlet, this one focussing on one actor: Kilmer played Hamlet at the 1988 Colorado Shakespeare Festival. Also includes a synopsis of the play and, for those of you that are interested, a list of Kilmer's other stage and screen credits.
  • Enjoying "Hamlet" by William Shakespeare. This is a long page, so give it time to load. It's got scene-by-scene summaries of the play, plus a lot of information on the historical background of the play. Also has some stuff that has nothing to do with Hamlet, and it's all on one big page, so be forewarned.
  • Lets Make Fun of Hamlet (or Let's Make Hamlet Fun) Site. Well, it's in frames, but it's pretty good, anyway. Has a complete e-text of Hamlet, plus both text and cartoon summaries of the play, a lot of parodies of the "To be or not to be..." soliloquy, and cartoons that feature the soliloquy (including an old Calvin and Hobbes!).
  • Hamlet (untitled). Megan McCarthy's class notes on the play itself, it's thematic components, Hamlet's madness and hesitation, etc. This link takes you directly to the no-frames version of the page.
  • My Hamlet Resources. Tariq Khan's page of notes (both his and Monarch's) on the play and soliloquies, plus sound files of some of the speeches. He's also got links to his FTP site, and he says he's working on converting most of the play to MP3 files, which should be very interesting to see.
  • William Shakespeare's Hamlet. A page with ten questions on Shakespeare in general, and eight questions about Hamlet in particular, plus website links to begin looking for the answers. I think this was part of a high school course, but I can't be sure.
  • Hamlet (Branagh) Links. Virginia Leong's site is probably the most comprehensive one regarding the movie, especially now that the "Official" site has been taken down. But despite it's title, it has a lot more than just links: you can view the trailer, and she has an online bookstore where you can buy the video and related products via

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